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Backyahd Half / Full Marathon Running & Strength Programming


We hear it all the time, “I’m going to run a marathon so I’m going to either cancel my membership or only come a few days a month. I’m not sure how to manage it all.”


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Strength and Conditioning

Strength training and running complement each other beautifully, creating a holistic approach to fitness. While running enhances cardiovascular endurance and burns calories, strength training builds muscle mass, improves metabolism, and fortifies joints. Strength training provides the necessary muscular support for efficient running, reducing the risk of injuries. Incorporating both elements into a fitness routine not only enhances overall performance but also fosters a well-rounded, resilient body capable of enduring the physical demands of running a half or full marathon.

Starting in January, we will offer a package that will give you everything you need to perform at your best come race day!

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What’s included:

12-Week Run Programming: ($110 value)

           You will be paired up with either Anoush or Brian to help you build out a weekly run schedule, to help you stay on track but also hold you accountable week in and out to maximize your performance on the road.

8 Classes Monthly at BackYahd: ($149 value)

           We will give you class suggestions to take every week to make sure that you are building proper strength on the days that you will minimize running and while giving the ability to properly recover before long running again. Anoush and Brian will also be co-teaching a strength / mobility class on Wednesday nights what will bring together all runners in our community to maximize your time and talk to others who are going through similar training.

$50 Monthly Gift Card to Wellness in Motion:

            Helping you recover fast and work through any aches and pains that you will have throughout training.  WIMB is a Locally-Owned Multidisciplinary clinic with one focus: helping their patients return to the activities that help them live a full and healthy lifestyle offering:

  • Physical Therapy

  • Podiatry

  • Acupuncture

  • Pre-Natal and Postpartum Care

  • Massage Therapy

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy

Pricing Options:

New Members: $300 monthly 

           If you are completely new to the Backyahd / Yahd community.  You will get an experienced run coach, 8 Classes monthly to Backyahd, $50 monthly to Wellness in Motion. 

Current Backyahd / Yahd Members: $150 monthly 

           You would pay your current monthly membership and add one of our experienced coaches and $50 monthly to Wellness in Motion.


Mitts & Conditioning


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Brian entered the marathon scene in 2021, and since has run 6 marathons after hitting the BQ standard in his first race. He has since notched a personal best 2:51, twice in that time, and continues to set the bar higher each training block. Brian has been a long-time athlete, using running as an outlet throughout his division-1 collegiate soccer career. He finds the cyclical movement and training blocks as a way to enter a flow state, tap into presence, and push the boundaries of his own performance. His coaching style utlizies performance-based breathwork focused on enhancing stress-adaptability, along with empowering his athletes to run faster, stronger and further than previously believed. Using a systematic approach to training, and treating runners that he has fine-tuned over the previous four years of practicing as a sports chiropractor, he brings a client-centered hybrid approach to endurance training.


Anoush Arakelian

Mitts & Conditioning

Anoush is a 15x marathoner, with a personal best of 2:59. She started coaching a few friends in 2017 for fun and became inspired by their huge PRs. She has been coaching more formally ever since and has helped hundreds of people over the last 6 years reach their goals. Coaching for her is all about helping people find joy in the process, building friendships and community, and falling in love with dreaming big!

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