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  • Parking
    We have FREE PARKING located in the garage directly above us as well as in the lot across from us.
  • It’s my First Time, which class do I take?
    All of our classes are scalable. All of our instructors are well trained and are able to adjust on the fly if needed. JUST SHOW UP!
  • Our Overall Goal
    We have designed our class formats and membership offerings to give you the ability to tailor your fitness journey. Whether you’re cross training for a marathon or just looking for that upper body pump, we got you!
  • What do you offer?
    We offer Conditioning, Strength, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, Barbell Basics, KB FLOW and Mittwork classes. As well as Small Group and Personal Training upon request.
  • Why do we have Upper, Lower and Full Body Focus?
    We’ve decided to designate days to specific focuses to increase overall body strength and decrease potential overuse and injury.
  • What’s to expect in Strength?
    The class will include mobility, strength training and functional movement patterns to increase overall range of motion while learning proper technique. We will help you correct current movement patterns and help you reach your potential in functional movement patterns.
  • What to expect in Strength & Conditioning?
    This class will be focused on building strength utilizing a variety of equipment , combining functional and traditional movements with conditioning woven in.
  • What are your membership options?
    We offer an Unlimited Membership allowing you to come as many times as you’d like, as well as a 2 or 3 visit per week option. All of these memberships allow you to book classes and open gym.
  • Why do you offer 2 and 3 class series?
    Although we offer a variety of classes and can be your one stop fitness solution we feel strength is a necessary accessory to other fitness modalities you may love.
  • Locker Policy
    Self lock lockers are provided but can not be reserved and will be emptied of any personal belongings nightly. Any personal items left behind will be put in lost and found. Lost and found will be emptied monthly and any remaining items will be discarded or donated.
  • Class Cancellation/No Show Policy
    Classes must be canceled online, by the member at least 12 hrs prior to class. If class is canceled after the 12 hour window has passed the member will forfeit that credit. If the member is on an Unlimited Membership they will be charged a fee of $12.00.
  • Personal Training Cancellation/No Show Policy
    Failing to cancel your appointment with 12hrs notice or failing to show up for your scheduled session will result in the loss of that session.


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